Adding co-curricular classes

To add co-curricular class for a student:

  1. Open the Co-curricular tab of Current Student Maintenance. See Current Student Maintenance - Co-curricular tab.
  2. Select the type of co-curricular program in the File Type field.

  3. Click .
    The Add Co-Curricular Maintenance window is displayed.

    The title of this window is determined by the file type program linked to the selected co-curricular file type. For information on configuring co-curricular file types and file type programs, see Maintaining co-curricular setup data in the SynWeb Co-curriculum manual.

  4. Select the Campus.
  5. Select the sport the student is taking in the Sport field.

    This field and the following two fields are the subject class categories used for Sports Maintenance. Subject class categories represent the different category levels within a co-curricular program. For information on configuring subject class categories, see luSubjectClassCategory lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

  6. Select the squad the student is joining in the Squad field.
  7. Select a squad role for the student in the Position field.
  8. Type a description of the student's team colours in the Colours field.
  9. Type any details of the student representing at a professional event or competition in the Representation field.
  10. Type any additional comments in the Comments field.
  11. Click .