Current students Overview

Current students are those students currently attending your organisation.

Usually, current students are transferred from the future students constituency in bulk. See Transferring future students to current students in the Future students manual. Future students are students who are enrolled at your organisation but have not yet attended classes.

When current students leave your organisation, all their information is transferred to the past students constituency. Contact is maintained with past students for a number of reasons, including fundraising.

The Current Students module allows you to add and maintain student details. Use the Current Students windows to:

  • Create a student record. The student record includes the student's personal and contact details. The student's name and address is checked against the main Community database.
  • Flag the student's record for curriculum delivery and government reporting purposes.
  • Maintain student relationships with other community members.
  • Add and maintain alerts. For example, to indicate that the student has a significant health issue or that the student is the subject of a custody dispute.
  • Add and maintain details of any scholarships or awards won by the student.
  • Send communications to students.

How to:

Usually, student records are transferred from the Future Students module to the Current Students module when they commence at your organisation. Schooling details are held separately for each year that the student is at the organisation. This allows a future year to be created in advance with current students rolled up one level and new students added. Using this method, any program can access either the current student population or the next year's student population. For example, listings or tuition charges.

You must have the Synergetic Core module installed to run the Current Students module. Other modules are available which expand the student details available to the school. They include Medical Records, Timetable and Classes (Programs) Enquiry, Assessments, and Attendance and Absence Events.