Maintaining current students setup data

Some aspects of the current students function can be configured to suit your organisation's needs.
Lookup tables
See Maintaining lookup tables.

Lookup table




Used within current, future and past students to:

  • set the activity on the Create New Activity window

  • filter activities displayed on the Activity tab

  • sort entries for use in either current, future or past students

  • specify reports and an optional parameter when printing from the Activity tab.

luActivity lookup table


Used to set the activity status on the Create New Activity window in current students.

luActivityStatus lookup table


Used to define the types of boarding students at your organisation.

luBoarder lookup table


Used to define different boarding houses available at your organisation.

luBoardingHouse lookup table


Used to define the types of student career plans available at your organisation.

luCareerPlanType lookup table


Used to set a category to student alerts.

luCommunityAlertCategory lookup table


Used to define the types of contacts for students at your organisation.

luContact lookup table


Used to define types of court orders.

luCourtOrderType lookup table


Used to define educational adjustment levels for students with disabilities.

luDisabilityAdjustmentLevel lookup table


Used to define categories of disabilities

luDisabilityCategory lookup table


Used to define the levels of English proficiency for students with English as a Second Language (ESL).

luESLProficiencyLevel lookup table


Used to define the activity statuses of individual plans used at your organisation.

luIndividualPlanActivityStatus lookup table


Used to define the types of activities available for individual plans used at your organisation.

luIndividualPlanActivityType lookup table


Used to define the individual plans areas used at your organisation.

luIndividualPlanArea lookup table


Used to define the statuses available for individual plans used at your organisation.

luIndividualPlanStatus lookup table


Used to define the individual plans types used at your organisation.

luIndividualPlanType lookup table


Used to define the outcomes available for interviews performed at your organisation.

luInterviewOutcome lookup table


Used to define the types of interviews performed at your organisation.

luInterviewType lookup table


Used to define types of language study options, either at the school or at an external organisation.

luLanguageStudyType lookup table


Used to define roles for students participating in co-curricular classes.

luLearningAreaPosition lookup table


Used to define all the lockers available to students at your organisation.

luLocker lookup table


Used to provide a drop-down list of previous schools when creating current or future students.

luSchool lookup table


Used to define the statuses of student support service types at your organisation.

luServiceStatus lookup table


Used to define statuses for student classes.

luStudentClassStatus lookup table


Used to set the student's course status in Course Details Maintenance.

luStudentCourseStatus lookup table


Used to define types of financial assistance available to students.

luStudentFinanceAssistType lookup table

luStudentIDMapper lookup table


Used to set the student's status in:

  • current students
  • past students
  • future students.

luStudentStatus lookup table


Used to define any sub-school entries. This is used mostly by multi-campus organisations that provide schooling for all year levels at each campus.
For example, year levels can be grouped into a:

  • junior school
  • middle school
  • senior school.

luSubSchool lookup table


Used to define the types of student support services available at your organisation.

luSupportType lookup table


Used to define tertiary courses that students are intending to undertake.

luTertiaryCourse lookup table


Used to define:

  • specific bus routes that are used on one or more days by students
  • general modes of transport that are used to and from your organisation.

luTransport lookup table


Used to define the transport stops and their relative distances from your location.
For example, you can define stops along a bus route so that you can record which stop each student is picked up or set down at.

luTransportStops lookup table

Key configuration settings
See Maintaining configuration files.

Configuration setting




Used to determine if class start dates can be before the term start date.

AllowStartDateBeforeFileSemesterStartDate configuration setting


Used to define automatic school house allocation for current students.

AutoAllocateType configuration setting


Used to determine whether a student's age on the Personal tab of the Current Student Maintenance window reflects their age:

  • at a certain date, such as Jan 1 or Mar 1
  • or their current age.

BaseDate configuration setting


Create custom icons to display important information at all times on maintenance screens.

Maintaining custom maintenance window icons


Used to determine the description shown on the timetable on the Timetable table of Current Student Maintenance if a medical incident record is added during the day.

MedicalIncident configuration setting


Used to determine whether to add a parent constituency when:

  • creating a new current or future student
  • the Contact is Student field is selected on the Create New Student - Contact Name window.

ParentFlag configuration setting


Used to determine whether to convert the Highest Secondary Year Level of the parents to the appropriate CEO VIC level for the corresponding year level, when exporting MCEECDYA data.

ParentYearLevelNoConvert configuration setting
Import/Export Student Data - MCEECDYA tab in the Current students manual
Current Student Maintenance - MCEECDYA tab - Parent 1 sub-tab in the Current students manual


Used to set the value displayed on the Contacts tab of Current or Future Student Maintenance, when the:

  • student has been created as their own contact
  • student has no relationship with themselves on the Relations tab.

RelationDescription configuration setting


Used to determine whether to display a current student's:

  • age as at 1st January

  • current age.

ShowCurrent configuration setting


Used by organisations that are not in New Zealand who nonetheless want to utilise the NZMOE tab in Student Maintenance windows.

ShowNZMOETabIfNotNZ configuration setting


Used to determine whether an attempt is made to add courses automatically when creating a new current student.

Students:AutoAddCourse configuration setting
Create New Student - School window in the Current students manual