Maintaining lookup tables

Synergetic is based on a relational database. Within the database, the data is divided up into tables that can have relationships with each other.

A number of these tables have been designated as lookup tables. When a user enters a value into a field that has a lookup table associated with it, Synergetic checks the value that they enter against the allowable values stored in the related lookup table. These values appear in a drop-down list that the user can choose from.

You have access to all of the lookup tables and you can enter your own values into them. This allows you to customise Synergetic for your own organisation.

The procedures used to maintain lookup tables and finance lookup tables are almost identical. For more information on maintaining lookup tables, see Adding and changing entries in lookup tables.


On the School tab of Student Maintenance, the House field contains a drop-down list for users to choose values from.

When a user clicks on the arrow to the right of the field, the drop-down list is displayed.

These values are organisation specific and are stored in the lookup table luHouse.

You will note that there are more houses in the lookup table luHouse than are displayed in the drop-down list in the House field. This is because there are different houses for the junior and senior campuses, and the selected student is in the junior campus. Synergetic restricts the valid houses based on the users and other choices in the window.