Maintaining school settings

You can maintain basic information about your organisation using the School Settings Maintenance window.

What you can do:

What you can do...


Maintain information about:

  • School system code
  • School type
  • Enrolment Scheme Dates
  • Language Policy
  • Fee structure

School Settings Maintenance - School tab

Maintain information about:

  • your organisation's board, if applicable
  • your organisation's parish, if applicable

School Settings Maintenance - School tab - Page 2 sub-tab

Add and maintain LOTE codes.

School Settings Maintenance - LOTE Codes tab

Add and maintain LOTE information by year level.

School Settings Maintenance - LOTE by Year Level tab

Add and maintain:

  • documents
  • spreadsheets
  • pictures.

School Settings Maintenance - DocMan tab

Maintain relationship information about:

  • associated schools
  • competitor schools
  • feeder schools
  • other schools.

School Settings Maintenance - Inter School Relationships tab

Some aspects of school settings can be set up to suit your organisation's needs.
Lookup tables

Lookup table

More information



Used to define the types of boards used at your organisation.

luBoardType lookup table


Used to define secondary attainment levels for New Zealand organisations.

luSchoolAttainment lookup table


Used to define the types of unincorporated boards used at your organisation.

luSchoolBoardNonIncorporatedType lookup table


Used to define the bodies that have jurisdiction over canonical matters at your organisation.

luSchoolCanonicalJurisdictionBody lookup table