Maintaining security permissions

User access to Synergetic is controlled by security permissions. The system administrator grants and restricts access to:

  • Synergetic modules. For example, Students, Payroll, General Ledger.
  • Programs within modules. For example, Pay Code Maintenance within the Payroll module.
  • Tabs within programs. For example, the Salary tab of Payroll Maintenance.
  • Actions within a tab. For example, access to medical incidents on the Medical tab of Student Maintenance.

You can administer security for individual users or for groups of users. Administration by groups allows you to:

  • put users in functional areas
  • give the whole group access to the Synergetic functions they need.

For example, reception staff, creditors, year level coordinators and teaching staff.
Synergetic is used in conjunction with SQL Server Management Studio to allow new users to access both Synergetic and its databases.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


You can:

  • select resources, modules, records and database to maintain security information for
  • maintain the security rights for selected resources
  • add new security groups
  • maintain the users in the security group.

Group/User Security Maintenance - Groups view.

You can:

  • maintain user preferences
  • view and maintain the security groups that user belongs to.

Group/User Security Maintenance - Users view.

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