Maintaining community setup data

Some aspects of the Community function can be set up to suit your organisation's needs.

Lookup tables

Lookup table

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Used to maintain user-defined regions used to define portal sort districts.

luAddressRegion lookup table


List possible citizenship statuses for selection on the Community Maintenance - International tab.

luCitizenshipStatus lookup table


Used to maintain community member attributes at your organisation.

luCommunityAttributes lookup table


Used to maintain statuses for checks required by your organisation.

luCommunityCheckStatus lookup table


Used to maintain types of checks required by your organisation.

luCommunityCheckType lookup table

luCommunityDedupMergeIgnoreUsed to maintain database tables excluded from the Community De-Duplicaiton merge process.luCommunityDedupMergeIgnore lookup table


Used to maintain constituencies at your organisation.

luConstituency lookup table


List common dietary requirements for selection in the Community Maintenance - Other tab.

luDietaryRequirement lookup table

luGivenNameUsed to define given names at your organisation.luGivenName lookup table


Used to define the types of industries where community members at your organisation work.

luIndustry lookup table


Used to define the nationalities of community members at your organisation.

luNationality lookup table


Used to define qualifications obtained at a country other than the home country of your organisation.

luNonNationalQualification lookup table


Used to define common occupations for selection on the Community Maintenance - Occupation tab.

luOccupation lookup table


Used to define types of positions held by community and staff members for a given occupation.

luOccupationPosition lookup table


Used to define possible parishes that community members may be members of.

luParish lookup table

luPermResStatusUsed to define permanent residency statuses at your organisation.luPermResStatus lookup table


Used to define qualifications held by community and staff members at your organisation.

luQualification lookup table


Used to define levels of qualifications.

luQualificationLevel lookup table


List possible relationships between community members, used on the Relations tab of Community Maintenance.

luRelationship lookup table


Used to define a list of religions as used on the Other tab of Community Maintenance.

luReligion lookup table


Used to define extra skills possessed by staff members at your organisation.

luSkill lookup table


Used to define skill levels that indicate the competency of community members for a certain skill or activity.

luSkillLevel lookup table

luStudentSafetyActivityStatusUsed to define the status of student involvement activities.luStudentSafetyActivityStatus lookup table
luStudentSafetyActivityTypeUsed to define types of interactions between community members and students.luStudentSafetyActivityType lookup table


Used to define types of interactions between community members and students.

luStudentSafetyInteractionType lookup table


Used to define the titles that prefix community members names, commonly known as honorifics.

luTitle lookup table


Used to maintain the classes of visas that are available at your organisation.

luVisa lookup table


Used to maintain the types of visa conditions available for visa holders at your organisation.

luVisaConditions lookup table


Used to maintain visa subclasses at your organisation.

luVISASubclasses lookup table

Configuration settings
See Maintaining configuration files.

Configuration setting

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Determine whether new rows from an external source can be inserted into the luTitle lookup table.

AllowInsertFromExternalSourceFlag configuration setting


Control whether or not users can edit the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of the following tabs of the Community Maintenance window:

  • Home Address tab
  • Company Address tab.

AllowManualEdit configuration setting


Control whether the Include Description in: Occupation Address flag is automatically selected when creating new a community member.

IncludeOccupDesc configuration setting


Used to define the default citizenship or residency status of community members for the CEOVIC data export.

CitizenshipStatus configuration setting


Create custom icons to display important information at all times on maintenance screens.

Maintaining custom maintenance window icons

Community: NetworkLogin

Define a select statement to create network logins.

Community:NetworkLogin configuration setting


Define the default home language for new community members.

HomeLanguageCode configuration setting


Used to determine the default formats of the mailing names used at your organisation:

  • Mail Name Primary
  • Mail Name Joint
  • Mail Salutation Primary
  • Mail Salutation Joint.

MailFmt configuration setting


Determine the bias to use when generating combined mail name for community members who are a couple.

MailFmtBias configuration setting

NetworkLogin: ForceUnique-Check

Control whether newly created network logins are checked for uniqueness.

NetworkLogin:ForceUniqueCheck configuration setting

Community: OccupEmail

Define a select statement to create email addresses.

Community:OccupEmail configuration setting

OccupEmail: ForceUnique-Check

Control whether newly created email addresses are checked for uniqueness.

OccupEmail:ForceUniqueCheck configuration setting