Current Student Maintenance - Contacts bar

Use the Contacts bar to view contact details for existing primary and additional contacts, particularly parents.

Emergency contacts and debtors are not necessarily contacts.

 Opening the Contacts bar

To open the Contacts bar:

  1. Select Students > Student Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Set Current Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the student. See Searching for students.
    The first student's record is displayed on the Current Student Maintenance window. One bar is expanded depending on your last session or earlier selection.
  3. Scroll down to the Contacts bar, if required.
  4. Click the Contacts bar.

    : You can click anywhere on the bar to open it.

    The Contacts bar of the Current Student Maintenance window is expanded.

Current Student Maintenance - Contacts bar key fields and buttons





Business phone number of the contact.


Home phone number of the contact.

AH Alt

Alternative home phone number.

Default Mob

Mobile phone number of the contact.

Fax BH

Business fax number of the contact.

Fax AH

Home fax number of the contact.


Email address of the contact.

Mailing Address

Mailing address of the contact.

Grid area fields
The grid area consists of key fields for each of the student's contacts.



Contact Type / Description

Type of contact. Values include:

  • SC <number> / Contact <number>
  • SE <number> / Emergency Contact <number>.

Note: The SC1 contact is one or more of a student's primary contacts. At schools, the SC1 contact is normally one or both of a student's parents, even if the child does not live with the parent, due to the effect on family position and sibling discounts.

Note: When different students have the same SC1 contact, the students are listed as siblings in each other's Siblings bar. The SC1 contact also helps to determine who is displayed in a student's Relations bar.

Contact Name

Contact's name.

Lives With Flag

Selected if the student lives with the contact

Note: In cases of shared custody, more than one contact can have Lives With flag selected. The first listed Lives With flag contact is used when extracting information from Synergetic for surveys that require a single address for a student (for example, DEST survey).

The highest ranked 'SC' contact (ie SC1,SC2 etc) that has ‘Lives with’ ticked, then becomes the 'address' of the student (behind the scenes it updates the 'SCT' contact, as well as the address ID of the community record that is the student, to the address ID of that associated contact).

This information is important as a number of government exports only allow 1 address to be associated to a student, even though there may be many (from a Synergetic viewpoint mutliple records can have the 'Lives with' flags ticked).


Selected if the contact is a parent

Note: The parent contact is the person who is the parent from your organisation's perspective, not necessarily the natural parent. For example, if both parents are deceased and the uncle has custody and is as involved as a natural parent would be, then the uncle should be selected as the parent.

Selecting this flag adds the contact to the @PC (parent) constituency. They become a Past Parent (PP) or member of the @SCOC constituency if not selected.


Selected if the contact wants to receive mail from your organisation regarding this student.


Selected if the contact wants to receive reports for this student.


Selected if addressing this person only and not their spouse

Note: Use to suppress communication with a partner if they are not relevant from your organisation's perspective for this student. For example, a de-facto partner or non-natural parents.


Synergetic ID of the community member.




Add a new contact. See Adding new contacts.

Launch the Contact Details window to edit the selected contact

Note: You can use the Type field of the Contact Details window to swap contacts. See Swapping contacts.

Delete the selected contact. See Deleting contacts.

Common fields



Search Filter

The Search Filter field is located at the top of the Student Selector. This field can be used to filter students by any of the information displayed in the Student Selector.

For example to filter students by name simply type either the student's:

  • last name
  • first name
  • last name then first name separated by a comma.

To filter students by year level simply type the student's year level in the Search Filter field.

Common buttons



Create a new student. See Creating new students.

Delete the selected student. See Deleting a current student.

Display the Current Student Maintenance Search Criteria window.

You can update the search criteria and search for new students. See Searching for students.

Customise how the bars are displayed. See Customising navigation bars in the Introduction manual.

Create a new task relating to the current student. See Managing tasks in the Introduction manual.

Click to refresh information for the selected student.