Pastoral Care Overview

You can use Pastoral Care Maintenance in SynWeb to maintain:

  • details about pastoral care items
  • details for people who have been informed about items
  • documents associated with items
  • comments about items.

Depending on your security permissions, you can view items:

  • for a certain date range
  • for particular students
  • linked to your user
  • that you have not yet viewed.

Use Synergetic to set up the drop-down options and set defaults for Pastoral Care Maintenance. See Maintaining pastoral care setup data in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

See demonstration video below:

How to:

What you can do:

Note: You can only view Pastoral Care tabs for which you have the correct security permissions. You can only view or edit other staff members' pastoral care items if you have the STU:PastoralCareMaint:SuperUser permissions or if you belong to a pastoral care Contact Type that has the CanChooseAllFlag selected in the luPastoralCareContactType lookup table. See:- Group/User Security Maintenance - Groups View in the Synergetic System maintenance manual- luPastoralCareContactType lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

What you can do...


View a list of pastoral care items and filter them by:

  • date
  • whether you have already viewed them
  • whether they are linked to you.

Search for specific students to create pastoral care items for.

Pastoral Care Maintenance - Search and create tab

View and edit public and private details about a pastoral care item.

Pastoral Care - Details tab

Manage and email contacts associated with the pastoral care item.

Add and manage actions for the pastoral care item.

Link the pastoral care record to other students involved in the incident.

Attach documents to the pastoral care item.

View and add comments about the pastoral care item.