Key current students reports

There are a number of standard reports available to help manage staff. See the folder of Crystal Reports supplied to your organisation.
See Running reports in the Introduction manual for general information on how to run reports in SynWeb. 
To access these reports:

  1. Select Reports > Available Reports.
  2. Select STU / Students from the Modules drop-down list.
  3. Click .
    The available reports are listed.
  4. Scroll down to the required report.
  5. Click on the Report launch link.

Description of key reports



Confirmation Period Summary

Generates a summary of a selected confirmation period including:

  • Configuration details defined using the luConfirmationOfDetailsDates lookup table. See luConfirmationOfDetailDates lookup table.
  • My Details groups to be confirmed by students
  • My Details groups to be confirmed by student contacts
  • Community members included in the confirmation period
  • Summary of confirmed and unconfirmed My Details groups.

See Running the Confirmation Period Summary report in the Synergetic Current students manual.

Tip: You can select the Show details field to include additional information.

Note: You will see the following notification if the selected confirmation period has no groups for its participants to confirm. You can rectify this issue by selecting groups using the luConfirmationOfDetailsDates lookup table. See luConfirmationOfDetailDates lookup table.

Student Attendances by Class

List of student attendance for each class.

Student Census

Counts males and females in each year level by age.

Student Census – Combined Style

Used for government reporting. It counts by year level and age, counts by year level for full-time students, full fee and so on.

Student Contact List - All Contacts

All contact names and addresses. Includes emergency contacts, doctors and can also print student classes.

Student Conf of Enrolment Details with Legal reqs

Mostly used in the junior school to indicate court orders. It shows the contact details, used for re-enrolment.

Student Confirmation of Enrolment Details (Large)

Prints all medical information and contact details for the student. Used as a re-enrolment form (5 pages).

Student Confirmation IndividualLists confirmed and unconfirmed confirmation groups for each student. See Running the Student Confirmation Individual report in the Synergetic Current students manual.
Student Disability Adjustment

List an overall count of students with disabilities ordered by disability and adjustment level.

Note: Disability adjustment levels and categories are populated based on the SynergyMeaning field on the luDisabilityAdjustmentLevel and luDisabilityCategory lookup tables. Records without a SynergyMeaning are reported as either No Adjustment Level or No Disability Category. See:

• luDisabilityAdjustmentLevel lookup table
 luDisabilityCategory lookup table.

Student Enrolment Register

Western Australian organisations are legally required to maintain an enrolment register, that is capable of being reproduced in written form.

Use this report to generate a list of enrolled students and their key details including:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • entry date
  • leaving date
  • immunisation form status
  • Medicare number.

Student Ins & Outs

Students entering and leaving your organisation for a specified date range.

Student Ins & Outs (with Future & Past Students)

Provides details of the students arriving or leaving your organisation, including future and past students, for the selected period.

Select the date range and optional selections on the Student Ins & Outs (with Future and Past Students) selection window.

In the following example, the report lists students arriving during the selected period.

The report uses the vStudentsCurrentPastFutureCombined view which is a union of FutureStudents, Students and PastStudents tables.

Students Leaving the School

Simple list of students with a status of LEFT, LOA or LEAVING.

Student Status Errors

Highlights data entry issues listing students where the status is possibly incorrect.

Student Summary by Campus & Level

Graphical representation of students by year level.

Student Summary (Billing Breakdown)

Separate boarders and full fee payers.

Student Work Experience - QLD

Report required for the Work Experience Agreement in the format required by Education Queensland.

Select the employer or tagged employers and optional selections on the Student Work Experience - QLD selection window.

In the following example, the Work Experience Agreement is formatted with the relevant data.

Student Attendances Roll

Grid of student attendance for each class.

Staff Without Attendances Submitted

List of staff and classes without an attendance record submitted.

Student Attendances

List of class attendance for each student.

Student Non Attendances

List of student absence events.

Medical Incidents

List of medical incidents that have occurred on campus by date, follow up, person or type.

Audit Class Lists

Student attendance audit lists by form, subject or tutor.

Register of Student Admissions

List of students admitted to your organisation for the specified year.

Register of Student Withdrawals

List of students withdrawn from your organisation for the specified year.

Absence Class List

List of student absence events and follow up reports.

Student Absence Events

List of student absence events.

Student Absence Events Letter

Letter to parents requesting explanations for absence.

Student Ages by House

List of students' ages, grouped by house.

Student Ages

List of students' ages.

Student Academic and Co-Curricular Profile

List of classes and co-curricular activities for each student.

Student Attendance Report for DEST

Distribution of gender and indigenous / non-indigenous enrolments across year levels.

Student Birthdays in next 30 days

List of students who have a birthday within the next 30 days.

Student Birthdays

List of students' birthdays.

Students with no Outdoor Co-Curric.

Students who do not have any outdoor co-curricular activities.

Student Information File for CEO - Excel Export

List of student IDs with gender, religion and national identity.

Student Address Changes

History of address changes by student.

Student Community Changes

History of changes to student's community information.

School Class Charges

List of changes to classes.

Student Contact Lists

List of contacts for each student.

Student Directory

List of students and class representatives for each class.

Student Discipline Actions

List of disciplinary actions per student.