Current Student Maintenance - Electives bar

Use the Electives bar to view class and co-curricular electives for the selected student.

This tab is populated when electives are selected on the Community Portal. See Customising co-curricular tab in the Community Portal configuration manual.


 Opening the Electives bar

To open the Electives bar:

  1. Select Students > Student Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Set Current Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the student. See Searching for students.
    The first student's record is displayed on the Current Student Maintenance window. One bar is expanded depending on your last session or earlier selection.
  3. Scroll down to the Electives bar, if required.
  4. Click the Electives bar.

    : You can click anywhere on the bar to open it.

    The Electives bar of Student Maintenance is expanded.

Current Student Maintenance - Electives bar key fields and buttons

Filter fields



File Type

Select to display electives with a specific file type. For example, academic or cadet training.

Year and Semester

Select to display electives from a specific year and semester.

All Years

Select to display electives from all years.

Unallocated Only

Select to only display unallocated electives.

Grid area fields




File type of the elective.


Year and semester of the elective.


Description of the elective group. See luElectiveGroup lookup table in the Community Portal manual.



Class code.
DescriptionClass description.


Whether the elective has been selected.


Preference recorded for the elective.

Portal Date

Date the elective is displayed on the Community Portal.




Refresh the grid area based on filter selections.

Common fields



Search Filter

The Search Filter field is located at the top of the Student Selector. This field can be used to filter students by any of the information displayed in the Student Selector.
For example to filter students by name simply type either the student's:

  • last name
  • first name
  • last name then first name separated by a comma.
    To filter students by year level simply type the student's year level in the Search Filter field.

Common buttons



Create a new student. See Creating new students.

Delete the selected student. See Deleting a current student.

Display the Current Student Maintenance Search Criteria window.
You can update the search criteria and search for new students. See Searching for students.

Customise how the bars are displayed. See Customising navigation bars in the Introduction manual.

Create a new task relating to the current student. See Managing tasks in the Introduction manual.

Click to refresh information for the selected student.