Adding current student activity in bulk

The Current Student Activity program is used to select a group of students from your organisation and process activities for them.
This saves time because you can process activities for groups of students, rather than repetitively entering the same information for individual current students. See Creating activities (Current students) for adding an activity for a current student.

: You can also send mail merge letters to current students using stored procedures. The stored procedures can retrieve activity details for current students and record when letters were sent to the families. See Using stored procedures to retrieve Synergetic data in the Extracting data manual.

To process activities for several current students:

  1. Using the Bulk Add Student Activity - Selection Screen window, select the group of current students to process activities for. See Selecting groups of current students to process activities for.

    You may want to select a group of students, but exclude a small number. You will have the opportunity to exclude individual students in the next window.

    If you have the students you want to process in a tag list, select Tagged IDs on this window.

  2. Click .
    The Student Activity Status window is displayed.
  3. Exclude individual students from the group, if required. See Manually selecting students to process activities for.
  4. At this point, you can either:
    • create the activity for the students you have selected
    • return to the selection window to add more students to the list.
  5. To add more students to the list, click .
    The Bulk Add Current Student Activity - Selection Screen window is redisplayed.
  6. Repeat from step 1, for each group of students to be selected for the activity.

    If you want to add a small number of students to the list, you can select the large group that they belong to and select Not to be processed. The students you have selected are displayed in the Not to be processed pane of the Current Student Activity Status window. You can then select the individual students from the list and click to include them in the list of students to be processed. 

  7. Once you have selected all the students to process, click .
    The Bulk Add Activity window is displayed.

  8. Add the activity details, including the activity, the activity date and the activity status.
    If required, add follow up details and mail request details.
  9. Click .
    The following dialog is displayed.
  10. Click .
    The following dialog is displayed.
  11. Either click:
    •  to close the Bulk Add Students window
    •  to add another activity.
    If you click , the following window is displayed.
  12. Either click:
    •  to add another activity for the same group of students.
    •  to select another group of students. See Selecting groups of current students to process activities for.