Linking contacts that a student could stay with (Current students)

To link to a contact that a student could stay with:

  1. First, make sure that a homestay contact is added to the Contacts tab of Current Students Maintenance. See Current Student Maintenance - Contacts tab.
  2. Open the Contacts sub-tab of the Accommodation tab of Current Student Maintenance. See Current Student Maintenance - Accommodation tab - Contacts sub-tab.
  3. Click .
    The Create New Accommodation window is displayed.
  4. Select the contact who the student could stay with.
  5. Select Accommodation from the Object Type drop-down list, if required.

    : See the field and button descriptions below.

  6. Select the Category field, if required.
  7. Click .
    The Object Search window is displayed.
  8. Navigate to the required parent object and select it.

    In the example, you link to the Student Contacts object not its child object. 
  9. Click .
    A new entry is added to the Contacts sub-tab.
  10. Click  to book accommodation with the contact, if required. See Booking accommodation with a student's contact (Current students).

Create New Accommodation window key fields and buttons

Grid area fields




Name of the student's contact.


Home address of the contact.


Synergetic ID of the contact.





Description of the contact's accommodation object. This is the name of the contact that the student either:

  • could stay with
  • is booked to stay with.
    Defaults to the following format: Surname, First Name.

Note: We recommend you develop your own naming standards, if you do not use the default format.

Object Type

Accommodation object type or equivalent.


Category to group the contact's accommodation object into.




Display the Object Search window to select the parent object from the object hierarchy.

The following dialog window is displayed if you try to link to a contact, who has already been linked to another student.

Consider using the Accommodation
sub-tab if you need to add several students to a home stay provider's accommodation object.