Using the Payment Creation window

You can use the Payment Creation window to:

When you have finished, the relevant fields are populated in the Payment Details, Fees and G/L Allocations tabs of Debtor Cash Receipts Entry. You can then complete the receipt by selecting the Payment Type in the Payment Details tab. See:


 Opening the Payment Creation window

To open the Payment Creation window:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Cash Receipts Entry from the main menu.
    The Select Cash Receipts to Process window is displayed.
  2. Select an existing posting.
  3. Click .
    The Payment Detail tab of the Cash Receipts Entry window is displayed.
  4. Select the Enable Quick Entry Popup field.
  5. Select a Drawer.
    The Payment Creation window is displayed.

Payment Creation window key fields and buttons

Payment area fields




The community member making the payment.

Payment Amount

Amount to be paid by the drawer, including payments to the debtor account and any pledges. You can either:

  • type in a total amount to allocate to the debtor account and pledges
  • use the Calculate field to automatically total the amounts you allocate to the debtor account and pledges.


Select to automatically calculate the Payment Amount using the Account Balance and any pledge payments.
Note: You cannot edit or override the Payment Amount if you select the Calculate field.


Amount of the payment that has been allocated.


Amount of the payment still to be allocated.

Debtor area fields and buttons




Debtor Name

Debtor account to be paid.

Account Balance

Amount owing on the debtor's account.

Amount to Pay Debtor Account

Amount from the current receipt to be paid on the debtor's account.

Payment Description

Description for the payment to the debtor's account.




Click to allocate the Account Balance as the Amount to Pay Debtor Account.
Note: Any remaining amount is allocated to Prepayment or Overpayment accounts, depending on your accounting type. It can be reallocated as normal in the G/L Allocations tab of Debtor Cash Receipts Entry.

Click to allocate the entire Payment Amount minus any pledge payments as the Amount to Pay Debtor Account. For example, if the Payment Amount is $8000 and the debtor wants to make a $1000 pledge payment, $7000 is paid to the debtor account. Payments in excess of the Account Balance are put towards future charges.
Note: This button can only be used if the Calculate field is cleared.

Pledges area fields and buttons

Grid area fields




Date the pledge was created.


Fund the pledge is to.


Appeal the pledge was received through.


Name of the community member who made the pledge.

GL Code

General ledger code the pledge is applied to.

GL Sub Alloc

General ledger sub-allocation code the pledge is applied to.


Amount of the original pledge.


Amount already received towards this pledge.


Amount of the pledge still to be paid.

Next Amt

Next amount due.


Type in a pledge amount to pay or click to allocate the next amount.




Include Complete Pledges

Select to display pledges that have been paid in full.

Payment Description (Pledge)

Type in a payment description for the selected pledge.




Click to allocate a payment to the selected pledge. The payment amount defaults to the Next Amt for that pledge.

Click to reverse a payment to the selected pledge. See Adjusting and reversing pledge payments.

Close the Payment Creation window and populate the fields in the Debtor Cash Receipts window.

Close the Payment Creation window without creating the payment.