Updating student concessions

Update student concessions prior to the first Automatic Tuition run for the year.

 Opening the Update Student Concessions window

To open the Update Student Concessions window:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Update Student Concessions from the main menu.
    The Update Student Concessions window is displayed.

Students with a concession fee code containing the special format {Campus|YearLevel} or {Campus} have their concession code set to the one matching their current details. For example, a student in the Senior campus (S) was in Year 10 in 2013. Their concession code is set to:


Student's Year Level

Concession Fee Code

In 2013



In 2014



In 2015



You need to select the File Year and Term from which to determine the student's current campus and year level.
If all your concession fee codes that contain '{' or '}' are in the correct format and valid campus/year levels are used, the program updates the student's concessions and produce a summary list.
If there are any problems with the fee codes then the program displays an error message with the problem fee code or student record.