Archiving debtors in bulk

Use this program to archive debtors whose children have left the school. Debtors will only be archived if they have:

  • a total balance of zero
  • no instalment payments outstanding
  • no students currently at the school
  • no future students associated with them

You would normally archive debtors on a yearly basis to clean up your records.

 Opening the Debtor Bulk Archive window

To open the Debtor Bulk Archive window:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Debtor Bulk Archive from the main menu.
    The Debtor Bulk Archive window is displayed.

    A summary report of all debtors who you archived is produced.

Debtor Bulk Archive window key fields and buttons




Process All Statement Groups

Select to include all statement groups.

Statement Group

If Process All Statement Groups is cleared, select statement groups to either include or exclude in the process.

Include / Exclude

Select whether to perform the archiving process on:

  • include - just this statement group
  • exclude - all statement groups but this one.

Allow Deletion of Non-Student Debtors

Select to also process debtors with the Non Student Debtor field selected. See Debtor Maintenance - General tab.

No Transactions Dated After

Select the date from which debtors must have been inactive to qualify for archiving. For example, if you want to archive debtors that have been inactive for at least two years, set No Transactions Dated After to two years ago.




Reprint the summary of a prior archive process.

Archive the selected debtors.

Close the Debtor Bulk Archive window without archiving debtors.