Automatic Tuition

The Auto Tuition (automatic tuition) program allows you to create invoices for all debtors who have incurred selected fees and charges. You can also do a 'what if' run first to make sure that everything is correct before you create a set of invoices to send out.

Summary of the automatic tuition process

The Auto Tuition program:

  1. Scans for fee codes with an Auto Tuition code. Only fees with an auto tuition code will be charged.
  2. Matches the debtor fees with students - matching on Campus, Year Level, Boarding, Sibling Number or Family Position and Tuition Variation.
  3. Finds all concessions that apply to that account.
  4. Applies charges and concessions. The order that the charges and concessions are applied in is vital to correctly calculate discounts. See Why the Auto Tuition Sequence is vital.
  5. Applies the split payment rules when the charge is applied to the account. Split payment rules are not applied during a "what if" run.
    Tip: Always do a "what if" run with Auto Tuition to verify you have your codes correctly set up.

Data used by the automatic tuition run

The Auto Tuition program gathers information from a number of tables in the Synergetic system.

Information from lookup tables includes:

  • The order that the charges are processed is governed by the Auto Tuition Sequence. This is maintained in the lookup table, luDebtorAutoTuition
  • The fee code to be applied is maintained in the lookup table, luTuitionVariation
  • Which statements to produce is maintained in the lookup table, luDebtorStatementGroup

See Maintaining lookup tables in the System maintenance manual for information on how to view or update the information in these lookup tables.

Information from Synergetic functions includes:

  • The Fee Codes, Amounts and G/L Allocations fields from Debtor Fee Maintenance. See Maintaining debtor fees.
  • Student concession information in Student Maintenance. See Maintaining current students in the Current students manual.

    Note: The student concession information can also be accessed from Debtor Maintenance. However, we recommend that you use Student Maintenance to update student concession information.