Maintaining debtors

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain information about the debtor, including contact details and the students that the debtor is currently paying for.

Debtor Maintenance - Debtor tab.

Maintain general information about the debtor.

Debtor Maintenance - General tab.

Review the status of the debtor's account.

Debtor Maintenance - Financial tab.

Define the usual way the debtor will settle their account.

Debtor Maintenance - Payment Type tab.

Record any comments about a debtor.

Debtor Maintenance - Comment tab.

Apply concessions to individual students.

Debtor Maintenance - Concessions tab.

Record any special payment arrangements for outstanding accounts.

Debtor Maintenance - Arrangements tab.

Redirect debtor charges to other debtor accounts.

Debtor Maintenance - Split Payments tab.

Define who will receive statements or tax invoices.

Debtor Maintenance - Statements tab.

See what charges are outstanding for the debtor.

Debtor Maintenance - Outstanding tab.

Define instalments and display a history of the instalment charges to the debtor.

Debtor Maintenance - Instalments tab.

View all transactions (charges and receipts) posted to the debtors account.

Debtor Maintenance - History tab.

List all payments made to accounts by the debtor.

Debtor Maintenance - Receipts tab.

View a history of all sales charged to the debtors account, such as uniforms and books.

Debtor Maintenance - Sale Charges tab.

List all the invoices issued to the debtor.

Debtor Maintenance - Invoices tab.

Record all letters, phone calls and other communications with a debtor.

Debtor Maintenance - Debtor Comms tab.

View and maintain:

  • documents uploaded to the debtor's DocMan tab
  • correspondence sent to the debtor
  • emails included from Microsoft Outlook.

Debtor Maintenance - Correspondence tab.

Display a list of past transactions from:

  • your legacy school administration system
  • previously archived Synergetic transactions.

Debtor Maintenance - Archive tab.

Maintain documents associated with the debtor.

Debtor Maintenance - DocMan tab.

View the audit trail of debtor changes.

Debtor Maintenance - Maint tab.

Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.

Debtor Maintenance - User Forms tab.