Debtor Maintenance - Payment Type tab

Use the Payment Type tab to define the usual way the debtor will settle the account.

  • If the debtor wants to settle the account when it comes due, enter the details on the Manual Payments tab. These values are normally updated when you enter payment details in Cash Receipts Entry rather than using this tab.
  • If they want to have payments direct debited, enter the details on the Automatic Payments tab. The debtor must consent to direct debit payments before you can enter direct debit details on this tab.
  • If the debtor has entered payment details in the Community Portal, use the Online Payments tab to edit or process these details.


Manual Payments sub-tab

Debtors can settle their account by credit card, cash, cheque, EFT payment or money order. The Manual Payments sub-tab shows the manual payment method last used in Cash Receipts Entry.

We recommend that the security permissions on the sub-tab be set to Select, to ensure that details are not mistakenly entered for automatic payments.

 Opening the Payment Type tab

To open the Payment Type tab:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Debtor Maintenance from the main menu.

     You can also access the debtor functions by clicking .

  2. Search for the debtor. See Searching for debtors.
    The Debtor tab of the Debtor Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Payment Type tab.
    The Manual Payments sub-tab of the Payment Type tab is displayed.

To view sub-sub-tabs for the different payment types:

  1. Click the Payment Type tab.

    The Manual Payments sub-tab is displayed as the default when you select the Payment Type tab.

  2. Select the payment type.

    When you select a payment type, the Drawer field is automatically completed. 

    Note: Another tab is displayed at the bottom of the screen to record the payment type details. Refer to the tables below for a description of the fields on the lowest level tab.

  3. Update the Drawer field if required. For example, Synergetic automatically completes the field with 'J&J Smith' but the account name is 'JA & JL Smith'.
  4. Complete the payment type details. Refer to the field descriptions below.

Manual Payments sub-tab key fields and buttons



Payment Type

Method used to make the payment. Typical values include:

  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Money Order
  • No Default.


Debtor's bank account name, if applicable.

Note: If you selected Override Name in the Debtor tab, this field may need to be updated.

Credit Card Details sub-sub-tab fields

Note: You can use the Credit Card Configuration window to control which users at your organisation can enter, view, and update credit card details. See Configuring credit card access.



Card Type

Type of credit card. Typical values include:

  • American Express
  • Diners Card
  • Master Card
  • VISA Card.

Card Number

Credit card number.

Note: Do not type spaces when typing the credit card number. Synergetic inserts spaces automatically.

Card Expiry Date

Credit card expiry date.

Use Validation Mask

Displays the credit card number in its segmented format, such as 4111 1111 1111 1111.

Note: Once the credit card has been confirmed and encrypted, you can edit the credit card details by clicking .  See below.

Cheque Details sub-sub-tab fields




Debtor's bank.

Note: If the debtor's bank is not on the list, add their bank to the luBank lookup table. See luBank lookup table in the Finance manual.


Debtor's branch.

Tip: Type the branch name, not the branch number. For example 360 Collins St, Melb.

EFT Details sub-sub-tab fields




Debtor's BSB (Bank State Branch) number.

Account Number

Debtor's account number.




Edit the credit card details.

Note: You need to have Update rights to the DEB|DebtorMaint|PaymentType|ManualPayments security permission to view this button.