Debtor Maintenance - Debtor tab

Use the Debtor tab to view information about the debtor, including their contact details and all the students that the debtor is currently paying for. The contact details are maintained in the community database.

 Opening the Debtor tab

To open the Debtor tab:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Debtor Maintenance from the main menu.
    Tip: You can also access the debtor functions by clicking .
  2. Search for the debtor. See Searching for debtors.
    The Debtor tab of the Debtor Maintenance window is displayed.

Mailing area key fields and buttons




Override Debtor Name

Select to change the debtor's name for the debtor program only.

If you override or de-override a debtor's name, make sure the Drawer name in the Payment Type tab matches the new name. See Renaming debtors.

Note: Do not change the full name of a debtor in Community Maintenance unless required, as this can cause problems elsewhere.

Debtor Name

Debtor's name (e.g. Mr B and Mrs H Abbot)
Note: Click to open the debtor's community record. You can change debtor's address, phone and other contact details if you have security permission to change community records.


Primary contact name.


Spouse contact name.

Phone BH

Business hours phone number.

Phone AH

After-hours phone number.


Mobile phone number.


Postal address for the debtor.

Mailing Address

Select to send statements and invoices to either the debtor's:

  • Postal Address
  • Occupation Address.

Address mail to primary person only

Select if the debtor is a couple but you want only to send mail to the primary person.

This can later be used in queries or debtor Crystal Reports and will automatically update the debtor's mailing name field.

Notify Method

Select the method used to send statements and invoices to the debtor. Either:

  • Print
  • Email with Attachment
  • Email with Link
  • Default including a description of the notification method
  • No Notify

Email Address

Select the debtor's preferred email address to send statements and invoices to.

Override Email

If you want to send a statement or invoice to a different address than those listed in Community Maintenance, you can enter the email address in the Override Email field.

Note: If you want to send a statement or invoice to another community member, you can add duplicate statement recipients on the Statements tab. See Debtor Maintenance - Statements tab.

Send Statement Notification to Spouse (if notifying by email)

If you want to send a statement or invoice to a spouse by email, you can select which of email address to use in the Send Statement Notification To Spouse field.

Note: If selected, the email address of the spouse is added as another To recipient of the statement email.

Students area key fields and buttons
Grid area fields




Name of the student that the debtor is currently paying for.


Synergetic ID for the student the debtor is paying for.




Launch Current Student Maintenance or Future Student Maintenance for the selected student.

Click to launch the Student Search window to add a student to the debtor's record.

Note: You can also open the Debtor tab on student's record and click to select a debtor. See Current Student Maintenance - Debtor tab in the Current students manual or Future Student Maintenance - Debtor tab in the Future students manual.

Click to launch the Future Student Search window to add a future student to the debtor's record.

Updating students

Each student must have a corresponding debtor in order to be charged for fees. If the student details on the debtor record are not correct:

  1. Click to open the student's record, if displayed.
  2. Click the Debtor tab.
  3. Click .
  4. Select the correct debtor for the student.
  5. Return to Debtor Maintenance.
  6. Click  to refresh the Students area.
    The incorrect student is no longer displayed in the list.