Debtor Maintenance - Concessions tab

Concessions are discounts that are applied to individual students. For example, if a student has received a scholarship, bursary or a discount for being the second child in the family.

We recommend that you enter concession information from Student Maintenance,
as concessions are always linked to individual students. See Current Student Maintenance - Concessions tab in the Current students manual.

Concessions are active even if an auto tuition code is not selected. However, Synergetic calculates concessions that are a percentage of tuition fees as zero if an auto tuition flag is not selected. See Current Student Maintenance - Debtors tab in the Current students manual.
Concessions can be applied to any credit or charge for which a fee has been defined. See Maintaining debtor fees for more details on defining fees.
The concessions are automatically applied when you run the Automatic Tuition program. You can set up a concession to apply only over a date range if required. See Automatic Tuition.
A concession can be:

  • a percentage discount
  • an amount subtracted from the total owing
  • a negative percentage.

Refer to the table below for a description of the different concession types.




Generate a percentage discount off the tuition or board fees normally charged to the student.
See Applying discounts.


Generate a discounted amount against the student's account.

Negative percentage

Generate a charge as either:

  • A percentage of fees charged. For example, for fees insurance.
  • An amount to be charged. For example, a school bus levy.

 Opening the Concessions tab

To open the Concessions tab:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Debtor Maintenance from the main menu.
    Tip: You can also access the debtor functions by clicking .
  2. Search for the debtor. See Searching for debtors.
    The Debtor tab of the Debtor Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Concessions tab.
    The Concessions tab of the Debtor Maintenance window is displayed.

Debtor Maintenance - Concessions tab key fields and buttons

Grid area fields




Student's name.


Fee that the concession applies to.

Fee Description

Description of the fee the concession applies to.

Auto Tuition

Auto Tuition code for the fee.

From Date

Date the concession applies from.

To Date

Date the concession applies to.


Discount amount of the concession, if a flat amount.
Note: If the concession is based on a percentage, the Amount is zero.


Percentage discount of the concession, if a percentage.
Note: If the concession is a flat amount, the Percentage is zero.


Student's Synergetic ID number.

Grid area buttons



Add another concession to the student's record.

Delete a concession from the student's record.

Concessions area fields




Student's Synergetic ID number.
Tip: Click to display a list of all students that this debtor is responsible for.

Fee Code

Code used to identify the fee. See Maintaining debtor fees.
The fee code is used to define the:

  • general ledger account allocation
  • description of the concession
  • default amount or percentage discount to be applied if required.

Sometimes discounts vary based on the student's campus or year level.
A replaceable part of the fee code takes the form *{Campus|Year Level}* where the Year Level is optional. You can define the characters used within the {} brackets. For example:

    • DIS{J} - 20% will apply a discount of 20% in the Junior school.
    • DIS{S} - 30% will apply a discount of 30% in the Senior school.

Auto Tuition Code

Processing position for the concession in the Automatic Tuition program and on statements.
The sequence is defined in the luDebtorAutoTuition lookup table. See luDebtorAutoTuition lookup table in the Finance manual.
For example, the following sequence may be used:


Code Description


SDSibling Discount


CCConsolidated Charges


TCTuition Concession

BBoarding Fee


BCBoarding Fee Concession


OOther Charges

From Date
To Date

Start and end dates for the concession, if applicable.

Override Fee Amount

Select to override a fee amount directly by an amount or percentage (rate). The default fee amount or rate is shown to the right of this section.
Tip: You may prefer to use additional debtor fee codes. For example, it may be quicker to use a debtor fee code rather than updating several concession records individually.


Override amount as a dollar value or percentage.

Concession Type

Type of concession. See the luDebtorConcessionType lookup table in the Synergetic Finance manual.


Any notes or comments regarding the concession.