Creating student overdue object loan charges

You can use the Student Object Loans Overdue Charges window to process:

  • debtor charges for object loans that are overdue
  • debtor reversals for object loan charges that have been waived.

Note: Objects and loans must be configured to record overdue charges. See Object Type Maintenance - General tab, Object Maintenance - General tab and Returning loans in the Object manual.

 Opening the Student Object Loans Overdue Charges window

To open the Student Object Loans Overdue Charges window:

  1. Select Module > Debtors > Student Object Loans Overdue Charges from the main menu.
    The Student Object Loans Overdue Charges window is displayed.

Student Object Loans Overdue Charges key fields and buttons

Selections area fields



Process Date

Process all charges incurred after this date.

Date to Appear on Transactions

Processing date to appear on transactions and statements.

Process Overdue Charges

Select to process the overdue charges.

Process Reversals

Select to reverse overdue charges processed in error.

Posting Information area fields



Posting Date

Date of the posting to create.


Description of the posting to create.

Automatically Close PostingClear if you do not want to automatically close the posting.




Process the charges or reversals.

Exit the window without processing charges or reversals.