Object Type Maintenance - General tab

Use the General tab to view and edit the general details for an object type.

 Opening the General tab

To open the General tab:

  1. Select Module > Object > Object Type Maintenance from the main menu.
    The General tab of the Object Type Maintenance window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access object maintenance functions by clicking .
  2. Select the object type in the left-hand grid.

Object Type Maintenance - General tab key fields and buttons





Brief description of the object type.

Building, Room, Office Equipment, Musical Instrument.


Meaning of the object type.

Building, Campus, Room, Accommodation.

Default Child Object Type

The object type that is assigned by default to any child objects that are created under it.

If the object type Building is defined to have a default child object type of Room, each time a new object is created under an object with a Building object type, it will automatically be assigned to have a Room object type.

Allow Master Objects to be Created

If selected, the objects acts as a master object to others.

A master textbook object can be defined which you have 200 copies of.

Allow Use in Accommodation Booking System

If selected, the object can be used when booking accommodation.

Building, Room.

Overdue Fee Code

Fee code assigned to overdue loan charges.


Grid area buttons



Save the changes to the selected object type but do not close the window.

Save the changes to the selected object type and close the window.

Discard the changes made.