Maintaining debtor fees

You set up debtor fees for all areas that you want to charge for on a regular basis. For example, your tuition fees, boarding fees, after school care and building levies are set up as debtor fees.
For each fee, you define a meaningful code so that you can find it quickly, a description, the G/L code or codes that the fee is posted to and a tax code if applicable.
Fees can be set up for a:

  • specific amount for a specific service, for example Year 7 tuition fee
  • service where the amount varies, for example a book shop sale
  • discount to be applied, for example a bursary or scholarship.

Setting up your debtor fees correctly is the key to successfully and effectively managing your debtors in Synergetic. It is highly recommended that you have a standard for defining fee codes in your organisation.
When you run the Automatic Tuition program, it posts tuition and associated charges automatically for all students. It calculates charges based on the student's campus, year level and/or boarder status using the information you have defined in Debtor Fee Maintenance.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do…


Maintain information about the fee including:

  • a description of the fee, the amount and discounts to be applied, and
  • the description that will appear on the statement.

Debtor Fee Maintenance - General tab

Update the general ledger accounts that the fee is allocated to.

Maintain details of the fee required by the Auto Tuition program, including:

  • the campus and year details, and
  • whether this fee is to be included in the next Auto Tuition run.

Maintain a list of students to whom concessions apply.

View a list of outstanding debtors relating to this fee.