Future Student Maintenance - Applications tab

Use the Applications tab to view and maintain details about enrolment applications.

The applications are based on their order of entry into the system within date. The default application, that is, the applicant's first choice, is displayed in bold.

 Opening the Applications tab

To open the Applications tab:

  1. Select Module > Future Students > Future Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Set Future Student Search Criteria window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the future student functions by clicking .
  2. Search for the future student. See Searching for future students.
  3. Click the Applications tab.
    The Applications tab of the Future Student Maintenance window is displayed.

Future Student Maintenance - Applications tab key fields and buttons

Enquiry/Application Details area fields




Date of the first enquiry for enrolment of the student.

Orig Applied

Date that the first application was received for enrolment.


Priority category that the application has been assigned to.

Grid area fields




Category for the application.

This grid field is only visible if the UseApplicationCategory configuration setting is True. See UseApplicationCategory configuration setting.

Enrolment Date

Date the future student has applied to enrol at the campus starting at the specified year level.

Age at Enrolment

Student's age at the enrolment date of the application. This is calculated from the:

  • Enrol Date field
  • Date of Birth field, updated on the Personal tab.

    If 1/1 (1st January) is entered in the Enrol Date field, the value is calculated from the first day of the first term of the specified year. If the actual start date is entered, the value is calculated based on this date.


Future student's campus.

Year Level

Future student's year level.


Status of the future student's application.
The typical default options are:

A - Application made.

D - Deferred.

F - Finalised.

O - Place Offered.

W - Waitlisted.

X - Cancelled by the applicant.

Note: Use the luFutureStatus lookup table to maintain entries. See the luFutureStatus lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Tip: You can create mail merge letters using the crspFutureStatusChangePrint stored procedure. See Printing mail merge letters using an existing document in the Extracting data manual.The luFutureStatus table is linked to the luFutureStatusMerge lookup table using its MergeCode. When a status is changed, its MergeCode is also changed as well. Any applications with this MergeCode are selected by the stored procedure.

Status Changed

Date the application was last updated. For example, the application may have been updated because the:

  • person changed their mind about their first choice for year of enrolment
  • status was altered.
BoarderBoarding status of the application.
ActivityActivity associated with the application.
Activity DateDate of the associated activity.

Mark the record for future review or follow up.

When searching for future students, you can display all the applications that require review by selecting Yes in the Marked for Review field. See Searching for future students.

RankingRanking applied to this application. See How ranking works.
Application dateDate the application was created.
CommentAny comments on the applications.




Create an enrolment application. See Creating future student enrolment applications.

You can create mail merge letters using the crspFutureStatusChangePrint stored procedure. See Printing mail merge letters using an existing document in the Extracting data manual.

Modify the highlighted enrolment application. See Modifying future student enrolment applications.

Tip: Double click the required application to modify the details.

Delete the highlighted enrolment application.

We suggest that you cancel an application rather than deleting it so that you can maintain a history for the applicant.

To cancel an application:

  1. Highlight the application on the Applications tab.
  2. Click .
  3. Select Cancelled from the Status drop-down list.

Create future student applications in bulk.

See Creating future student applications in bulk.

Make the highlighted application the applicant's first choice.

View the highlighted enrolment application.

Note: You can only view enrolment applications submitted using the Online application portal. For information about building application forms and configuring the Online application portal, see Online application portal in the Synweb Online Form Builder manual.