Maintaining future students

Future students are students who have applied to enrol at your organisation.

You can incorporate the student's:

  • personal details, address and contact details entered when they first enquired
  • newly allocated classes and external courses.

Future student records are stored in the community database.

Once you know that the student is enrolled, you can confirm entry dates and enter financial details.

Generally a student is:

  • Added using Enquiry Student Maintenance. See Maintaining enrolment enquiries.
  • Imported through an online program, such as through a page on your organisation's website. See Processing online applications.
  • Maintained in Future Student Maintenance, after their application to enrol at your organisation has been accepted.

In addition to maintaining the details added in Enquiry Student Maintenance, you can:

  • confirm entry dates
  • enter financial details
  • allocate the student to classes
  • allocate the student to external courses.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do...


Maintain personal information about the student.

Future Student Maintenance - Personal tab

Maintain flags and related information to:

  • categorise students for school and government reporting
  • specify religious milestones
  • record passport and visa details
  • determine the position of the student in a family by age
  • record pre-enrolment requirements such as photo, immunisation certificates or out of hours school care needs.

You can:

  • maintain enquiry or application details
  • maintain planned schooling details including the year enrolled and starting year level, campus, form and so on
  • display the status of the enrolment.

Future Student Maintenance - Enrol Details tab

View and maintain details about enrolment applications.

Future Student Maintenance - Applications tab

Maintain the source of the enrolment enquiry.

You can:

  • view a history of default enrolment applications and changes made to them
  • modify the mail merge code of individual enrolment applications
  • delete status history records.

View and maintain details of any activities.
For example, school tours or a meeting with the principal that the family have been invited to or have attended.
You can flag activities with a follow up date.

Future Student Maintenance - Activity tab

You can:

  • flag enrolment steps as complete
  • record completion dates for each step
  • add general comments.

Maintain details about the source of the enquiry and any pre-entry comments.

Maintain scholarships applied for and awarded at your organisation.

You can:

  • list enrolment deposit details
  • check that entrance payments are complete for a student.

Maintain how future students intend to be transported to and from your organisation. For example, by school bus.

Maintain details of courses planned by the future student. You can:

  • list courses being undertaken
  • add courses individually
  • review a summary of financial information for the courses
  • maintain student course details.

Maintain contact details for primary contacts; usually parents.

Future Student Maintenance - Contacts tab

Maintain family relationships and contact details, from the student's perspective.

Future Student Maintenance - Relations tab

List siblings who used to attend, are currently attending and planning to attend your organisation in the future.

Maintain details for people to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Maintain contact details for the student's preferred doctor (and an optional alternative) for medical attention.


  • public medical alerts
  • dentist contact details
  • medical details and incidents.

Maintain codes used to:

  • link to other database records in use at your organisation
  • cross link records back to previous systems used.

Maintain parameters that determine how billing is undertaken for this student and family.

If the parents are separated, maintain details of the separation and any court orders relating to the student.

Display the most recent student photograph.

Maintain relevant and important comments that should be borne in mind by staff.

Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.

View documents associated with the student.

Future Student Maintenance - DocMan tab

Update settings required by NZ MOE (New Zealand Ministry of Education).
This tab is used by New Zealand organisations.

Future Student Maintenance - NZMOE tab

You can:

  • record citizenship, passport and visa details
  • set which citizenship or visa subclass is active at present.

Future Student Maintenance - International tab

Add time-based alerts that are displayed when the student is selected in Future Student Maintenance The alert is only displayed during the period entered on the Alerts tab.


  • bookings with accommodation suppliers, such as hostels
  • bookings with one of a student's contacts, such as a relative or an individual providing home stay services.

Maintain discounts and concessions associated with the student.

Maintain information required byNZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority).
This tab is used by New Zealand organisations.

Maintain academic and co-curricular classes that are part of a course attended.

Future Student Maintenance - Classes tab

View and maintain:

  • documents uploaded to the student's DocMan tab
  • correspondence sent to the student
  • emails included from Microsoft Outlook.

You can:

  • schedule interviews
  • assign staff members to interviews
  • record interview outcomes
  • maintain interview details.

Maintain information about students and parents for demographic requirements.

Future Student Maintenance - Demographic tab

View and maintain:

  • communications yet to be sent to the student
  • the student's notification methods.

View past communications sent to students.

Future Student Maintenance - Comms tab

View and maintain events the student is attending.

View events the student has attended in the past.

View Action Centre tasks or notifications linked to the selected future student.


  • general plan information
  • specific plan details
  • associated activities
  • associated learning areas.

View medical details about future students at a glance.

Maintain information about the ability of students to perform physical activities including:

  • ability type
  • ability level
  • any additional comments.

View and edit the schools and preferences a student has listed on their application form.

Maintain future student and future student contact details confirmed online using the My Details tab of the Community Portal.

Future Student Maintenance - Confirm Details tab