Transferring future student scholarship information to current students

If a future student is offered a scholarship it is possible to record this information in the future student record and it will be automatically transferred when the future student becomes a current student record. See Transferring future students to current students.

Only scholarships with the following conditions are automatically transferred.

  1. The scholarship must have a Synergy Meaning of CONFIRMED in the luScholarshipStatus lookup table. See luScholarshipStatus lookup table in the System maintenance manual.
  2. The scholarship must exist in the current year that the future student is being transferred into. For example, a future student may be awarded a scholarship in 2005. If the future student is transferred to become a current student in 2006, this scholarship information will not be transferred automatically as the scholarship is only applicable to 2005. Scholarship information for 2006 must be entered manually.

Scholarships that comply with both of the above conditions are transferred into the current student record and display when Current Scholarships is selected.
If a scholarship does not comply with both of the above conditions it will display when Scholarships Applied For is selected in the current student record.