Maintaining enrolment enquiries

When someone makes an enquiry about enrolling a student at your organisation, you enter some of the basic details into Synergetic. You need to record the enquirer's name and address details at least, so that you can send out a prospectus.

You can then transfer the name and address information from all the enquiries you have received into Microsoft Word, and use the mail merge facility to send out a standard letter and prospectus.
You can use these details to send out other correspondence. For example, you can easily send out information about open days to all people who have made an enquiry in the past.

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do...


Maintain personal details about the student who is enquiring about enrolling at your organisation.


  • original date of enquiry and priority
  • preferred enrolment details.

Enquiry Student Maintenance - Enquiry tab

Maintain the:

  • source of the enquiry
  • student's current or previous school.

Maintain second and third enrolment preferences, should the enquiring student's first choice not be available.

Maintain and view a list of scholarships that the enquiring student has applied for or been awarded.

View and maintain activities for the enquiry student.

Enquiry Student Maintenance - Activity tab

Maintain contact details for the student's primary contact.

Enquiry Student Maintenance - Contact tab

Maintain details about the spouse of the primary contact.

Enquiry Student Maintenance - Contact Spouse tab

Maintain address details for the primary contact.

Enquiry Student Maintenance - Contact Address tab

View details about the siblings of the student.

Maintain comments about the student.

Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.

View documents associated with the student.

You can:

  • schedule interviews
  • assign staff members to interviews
  • record interview outcomes
  • maintain interview details.

Create a letter to send out to prospective students.