Enquiry Student Maintenance - Siblings tab

Use the Siblings tab to list siblings who:

  • used to attend your organisation
  • are currently attending
  • are planning to attend in the future.

Use this tab to see how the student's family is defined in Synergetic. The relative order of this student in the family is based on birth date.

Synergetic defines siblings as students who share the same primary contact (SC1), including current, future and past students.Siblings affect the billing process if your organisation offers a sibling discount.


 Opening the Siblings tab

To open the Siblings tab:

  1. Select Module > Future Students > Enquiry/Future Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Process Future Student and Enquiries window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the future student functions by clicking .
  2. Select the person the enquiry is about. See Searching for enrolment enquiries.
    The Student tab of the Enquiry Student Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Siblings tab.
    The Siblings tab of the Enquiry Student Maintenance window is displayed.

Enquiry Student Maintenance - Siblings tab key fields and buttons

Grid area fields




Sibling's name.

Note: The sibling's surname is shown if it is different to the selected student. In the following example, Amanda Adamski's half-brother Ian Adamski-Smyth is listed on the Siblings tab.


Type of student, such as:

  • Current Student
  • Future Student
  • Past Student.

Note: A sibling who is a future student continues to show as a Future Student in this field until their start date, even if they have already been transferred into the Current Students file area.


Synergetic ID of the sibling.




For the selected sibling, launch their record in the corresponding maintenance function window:

  • Current Student Maintenance
  • Future Student Maintenance
  • Past Student Maintenance.

Tip: Double click on the selected sibling to launch their record.