Enquiry Student Maintenance - Contact tab

Use the Contact tab to maintain primary contact details for the person who is enquiring about enrolling a student at your organisation. The contact is typically the parent of the student.
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Note: If the contact is linked with a community member the fields on the Contact, Contact Spouse and Contact Address tabs are greyed out.

 Opening the Contact tab

To open the Contact tab:

  1. Select Module > Future Students > Enquiry/Future Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Process Future Student and Enquiries window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the future student functions by clicking .
  2. Select the person the enquiry is about. See Searching for enrolment enquiries.
    The Student tab of the Enquiry Student Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Contact tab.
    The Contact tab of the Enquiry Student Maintenance window is displayed.

Enquiry Student Maintenance - Contact tab key fields and buttons





Contact's title.


Contact's surname.

Given 1

Contact's given name.


Contact's preferred name. This field is automatically completed with the contact's given name. You can type another name if required. For example if the contact's given name is Stephen, you could type Steve.

Other Given

Contact's other given names.


Contact's gender. In most cases, this field is automatically completed when you select the person's title. In some cases, you need to select their gender. For example, Dr (doctor).

Note: You can define the list of genders used at your organisation using the luGender lookup table. See luGender lookup table.

Home Phone

Contact's home telephone number.

Bus Phone

Contact's business telephone number.


Contact's mobile telephone number.


Contact's email address.

Relationship to Student

Contact's relationship to the student. See luRelationship lookup table in the Synergetic System Maintenance manual.


Contact's religion. See luReligion lookup table in the Synergetic System Maintenance manual.

Enquiry ID

The identifier of the enquiring contact. This is relevant if the enquiry record has not been linked to a community member's record.

Community ID


  • the Synergetic ID of the community member, if they are linked
  • 0 (zero), if not.




Launch into Community Maintenance. See Maintaining community members in the Community manual.

Send an email to the person's email address. See Sending emails in the Introduction manual.

Link the enquiry contact with an existing community member.

Do not add a contact with only an Enquiry ID to the community.

The Find Name on Community window is displayed.

Break the link with the community member who has been assigned as the contact for the enquiry.