Enquiry Student Maintenance - Contact Address tab

Use the Contact Address tab to maintain address details for the primary contact who is enquiring about enrolling a student at your organisation.

If you have RAT (Rapid Addressing Tool), you can use this to speed up the entry of address details, and to validate the address against the Australia Post database. Contact Synergetic Management Systems for details about purchasing RAT.

If the contact is linked with a community member the fields on the Contact, Contact Spouse and Contact Address tabs are greyed out.

 Opening the Contact Address tab

To open the Contact Address tab:

  1. Select Module > Future Students > Enquiry/Future Student Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Process Future Student and Enquiries window is displayed.
    Tip: You can also access the future student functions by clicking .
  2. Select the person the enquiry is about. See Searching for enrolment enquiries.
    The Student tab of the Enquiry Student Maintenance window is displayed. 
  3. Click the Contact Address tab.
    The Contact Address tab of the Enquiry Student Maintenance window is displayed.

    Note: The Change Address... button is displayed if RAT is installed at your organisation.

Enquiry Student Maintenance - Contact Address tab key fields and buttons

Address search area fields

Note: For information about enabling address validation using the Quick Address System (QAS), see Configuring address validation.



Address search

Search for the community member's address online using the Quick Address System (QAS).

To search for an address:

  1. Select the country using the Country drop-down list.
  2. Type the address into the Address search field.
    The list of matching addresses is displayed.
  3. Select the address you would like to add.

Tip: You can narrow search results by typing more details of the address.


Select a country from this drop-down list to filter the addresses displayed in the Address search field.

Enter Manual/Overseas AddressSelect to disable the Address search area fields and enter the address manually.

General area fields



Line 1 and

Line 2 and

Line 3

Primary contact's postal address.


Primary contact's suburb.


Primary contact's state of residence.


Primary contact's postal code.

Note: Only use the Postcode field for Australian and New Zealand post codes.


Primary contact's country of residence.

Note: If the primary contact lives overseas, select the country before entering the address details.


Delivery postal identifier used to format postal addressing information on envelopes. Used to:

  • increase mailing accuracy
  • reduce postal charges.

Note: DPID, Sort Plan Number and PAF Version are automatically populated if RAT is used at your organisation. These fields are cleared to avoid them being made invalid by any manual address changes.

Sort Plan Number

Barcode sort plan number used for large mailing runs using either:

  • Australia Post
  • New Zealand Post.

PAF Version

Version of the postal address file from either:

  • Australia Post
  • New Zealand Post.


Primary contact's telephone number. This field is automatically completed with the primary contact's telephone number from the Contact tab. See Enquiry Student Maintenance - Contact tab.

Alt phone

Alternative contact telephone number for the primary contact.


Primary contact's fax number.




Manually change the primary contact's address details.

This button is only displayed if RAT is installed at your organisation.