Generating debtor statements

When you process debtor statements, Synergetic updates the debtor records in Debtor Maintenance in the following way:

  1. New statements take the opening balance (from the previous statement) directly from the fields displayed on the Financial tab. All transactions that have been entered since the last statement run are included in the new statement. The amount owing or prepaid is then calculated based on the transactions included in the statement.
  2. A new statement appears in the debtor's list of statements. Synergetic stores statements as a PDF, so an exact duplicate of the original statement can be retrieved at any time. You can reprint this statement or check the overall figures and settings for Statement No., Date, Group, Due Date, Balance and Description.
  3. The outstanding charges will have a statement number allocated to them to replace the zero number. Charges that have not yet appeared on a statement are stored on the debtor's file with a statement number of zero.

Generating debtor statements
When you generate a new debtor statement, four Debtor Statement Print windows are displayed in succession for you to:

  1. Select key statement information. See Debtor Statement Print - Selections window.
  2. Select debtors depending on their account balance and movement since the last statement. See Debtor Statement Print - Balance Criteria window.
  3. Apply discounts for early payment. See Debtor Statement Print - Discounts window.
  4. Request voluntary contributions. See Debtor Statement Print - Voluntary Contributions window.