Sending statement reminders

You can send reminder statements and invoices to debtors who have not paid. Statement reminders are an exact duplicate of the original statement with a different underlay file if you have defined one. Synergetic treats reminders as a separate statement run so you can easily track the history. Synergetic supports:

  • up to three reminder levels
  • separate PDF underlay files for each reminder level
  • separate PDF underlay files for reminder statements and invoices.

The PDF underlay files are managed in the Sub Ledgers sub-tab of the Debtors tab of Finance Configuration Maintenance. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Debtors tab - Sub Ledgers sub-tab in the Finance manual.

Reminders are not generated for any debtors that have appeared in a statement run dated after the one you have selected, even if they have not paid the statement in full. You can select to add these debtors to a tag list instead.

Creating reminder statements

To send reminder statements:

  1. Select Debtors > Debtor Statements... from the Synergetic main menu.
  2. Click to select an existing statement run.
    The Select Statement Number to Print window is displayed.
  3. Select a statement to reprint from the list.
  4. Click .
  5. The Debtor Statement Print window is displayed.
  6. Click .
    The Generate Statement Reminders window is displayed.
  7. Select the Reminder Number and any other options as described below.
  8. Edit the Description if required. For example, you may want to include the word OVERDUE.
  9. Click .
    The reminder statements are generated. The Debtor Statement Print window is displayed.
  10. You can now:
    • View the reminder statements. See Viewing stored statements.
    • Email the reminder statements. See Emailing statements and invoices.
    • Print the reminder statements. See Printing statements and invoices.

Generate Statement Reminders window key fields



Reminder Number

Select the reminder number. This changes which underlay file is used to generate the statement.

Include Debtors with Active Arrangements

Select to include debtors who have active arrangements.


Date the reminder is generated.

Due Date

Date the payment is due for this reminder.

Statement Description

Description of the statement.

Add Ignored Debtors to Tag List

If selected, add debtors to a tag list if they have not paid this statement in full, but have appeared in a subsequent statement.
Note: Synergetic does not generate reminder statements for ignored debtors.

Clear Tag List First if any Ignored

Select to first clear any community members out of the current tag list before adding ignored debtors.