Setting notification ranges for statements and invoices

You can set a range of debtors to send statement and invoice notifications to. For example, you may want to split a large set of statements into smaller batches to lighten the load on your server, or you may need to resend notifications to specific debtors.

To set a notification range:

  1. Select Debtors > Debtor Statements... from the Synergetic main menu.
  2. Either generate a new statement run, or select an existing statement run. See Generating debtor statements.
  3. Store the statements in the database. See Storing statements in the database.
  4. Generate and store invoices if required. See Generating and storing invoices.
  5. Authorise the statements and invoices. See Authorising statements and invoices.
  6. Click .
    The Set Notification Range for Statements / Invoices window is displayed.
  7. Use the Search and Filter functions to find the group of debtors you want to send notifications to.
  8. If notifications have already been sent, use the Clear Notified Date buttons to remove the notification date so notifications can be re-sent.
  9. Click to set the selection of debtors Synergetic should process notifications for.
    The Debtor Statement Print window is displayed with Range Active printed below the button.

Set Notification Range for Statements / Invoices key fields and buttons
Note: If a recipient has both a statement and an invoice, they are displayed alongside each other.
Recipient area fields




Search for a recipient by name.

Recipient grid area fields




Name of the statement recipient.

Debtor ID

Debtor ID of the statement recipient.


Synergetic ID of the statement recipient.


Method used to notify the recipient.


Date the recipient was notified of the statement or invoice.
Note: This field is blank if the recipient has not been notified, or the notification has been cleared so that emails can be re-sent.


Email addresses the notifications have been sent to, or will be sent to if the notifications have not been sent yet.




Filter the recipients displayed in the grid by:

  • whether or not they have been notified
  • their notification method
  • whether or not they have unpaid charges on their statements
  • inclusion in a tag list
  • their surname
  • selecting an individual debtor.

Go to the first recipient.

Go to the previous recipient.

Go to the next recipient.

Go to the last recipient.

Go to the previous page of the statement or invoice.

Go to the next page of the statement or invoice.

Clear the notification date of the selected record so the recipient is sent their statement again during the next emailing or printing of statements.

Clear the notification date of all records currently displayed in the grid so the recipients can be re-sent their statement.

Limit the range of notifications to those currently displayed in the grid. When emailing or printing statements, Synergetic only processes these recipients.

Close the window without making changes.