Reprinting statements

To reprint statement runs for a group of debtors, a single debtor or all debtors on a particular statement run:

  1. Select Debtors > Debtor Statements... from the Synergetic main menu.
  2. Click to select an existing statement run.
    The Select Statement Number to Print window is displayed.
  3. Select a statement to reprint from the list.
  4. Click .
  5. The Debtor Statement Print window is displayed.
  6. Click.
    The Set Notification Range for Statements / Invoices window is displayed.
  7. Select the recipients you want to reprint statements for.
  8. Click.

    The notification dates for the selected recipients are cleared.
  9. Click .
    The Debtor Statement Print window is displayed.
  10. Run the statement emailing or printing again. All recipients without a notification date are re-sent their notifications. See Emailing statements and invoices. Also see Printing statements and invoices.