Staff Maintenance - Job Position bar

Use the Job Position bar to view and maintain past and current job positions held by the staff member at your organisation.

 Opening the Job Position bar
  1. Select Human Resources > Staff Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Staff Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the staff member. See Searching for staff members.
  3. Click the Job Position bar.

     You can click anywhere on a navigation bar other than the caption to open it.

    The Job Position bar of the Staff Maintenance window is displayed.

Staff Maintenance - Job Position bar key fields and buttons



Job Code

Unique identifier for the position in Synergetic.


Job description.

Award Level

Level of the position, if applicable.

Start Date

Date the staff member took up the position.

End Date

Date the staff member left the position, if applicable.


Full-time equivalent of the position.

Next Inc Level

Date that the staff member's current level is due to increment, if applicable.

Note: Staff levels do not automatically increment.


Staff member's current increment.

Current Positions Only

Select to display only the positions that the staff member is currently in. Clear to display all past and current positions of the staff member.




Launch the Job Position window to add a new job position record.

Edit the selected record.

Delete the selected record.

Common buttons



Create a new staff member. See Creating staff members.

Delete the selected staff member. See Deleting staff members or making them inactive.

Display the Staff Maintenance Search Criteria window.

You can update the search criteria and search for new staff. See Searching for staff members.

Customise how the bars are displayed. See Customising navigation bars in the Introduction manual.

Create a new task relating to the current staff member. See Managing tasks in the Introduction manual.

Click to refresh the screen for the selected staff member.