Searching for staff members

When you first open Staff Maintenance, the Staff Search Criteria window is displayed to allow you to find the staff member you want.

You can also access this window by clicking the
button on the top right corner of the banner containing the name of any staff member.


How to use the Staff Search Criteria window

On the Staff Search Criteria window you can:

  • Click , leaving all fields blank. This finds all staff records and presents them in a search results grid.
  • Restrict the search by entering information in one or more fields. You can enter all or part of a name in a field and use wildcard characters to further narrow the search. See Using wildcards to search in the Introduction manual.
  • Click a letter of the alphabet to display a search grid of all staff whose last name starts with that letter.

Make sure that you enter required data into corresponding fields in the correct format. For example, you must enter the ID as a number, and not a letter or alphabetic character.

At any stage you can change your selections. To do this, click and then make your new selections.

Fields that you type in are not case sensitive and can be entered in either upper or lower case or a mix of upper and lower case. For example, name fields are not case sensitive.

Fields that have a drop-down list to choose from, such as House or Department, are case sensitive and depend on how they have been set up in the database lookup tables. We recommend that you always select these fields from the drop-down list.

Choosing a staff member from the search results

The first search result is displayed.

You can:

  • display the details for a particular staff member by clicking on their name in the left column
  • filter the results by using the Search Filter field at the top of the staff selector area.

Navigation bars

A single navigation bar may be expanded depending on your last session or criteria selections.

Staff search window key fields, buttons and links





Synergetic ID of the staff member, if known. Automatically generated by Synergetic when you create a new staff member.


Campus the staff members are based at.


Staff members with matching last name.


Staff members with matching preferred name.

School Staff Code

Select a staff member by selecting their unique staff code from the drop-down list, which lists staff members and their codes.

Tip: This is a useful way to quickly locate a staff member. Type the first letter of their staff code to automatically filter the drop-down list.


Category for the staff members.

For example, administration staff, teaching staff, maintenance staff.


Form the staff members are responsible for.


House the staff members belong to.


Department the staff members belong to.

For example, the Mathematics department.

Active Staff

Either select:

  • Ignore to ignore whether they are active or not
  • Yes to only include active staff
  • No to not include active staff.

Teaching Staff

Either select:

  • Ignore to ignore whether they are teaching staff or not
  • Yes to only include teaching staff
  • No to not include teaching staff.

Vehicle Registration

Search for staff members based on a vehicle they have listed.

External Registration Number

Search for staff members based on external registration numbers used by your organisation. For example, ICON schools can use this field to search for staff members based on their C-number.

Note: You can re-label this field using the ExternalRegNumber:Caption configuration setting. See ExternalRegNumber:Caption configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Note: You can make this field read-only using the ExternalRegNumber:ReadOnly configuration setting. See ExternalRegNumber:ReadOnly configuration setting in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.




Search for a staff member based on the search criteria you have entered.

Clear all your search criteria so you can start a new search.

Create a new staff member. See Creating staff members.

Launch links




Click on the staff member's Name to launch Staff Maintenance for that person.

Note: This link only appears once a search has been performed.