Human resources Overview

SynWeb HR functions
You can use SynWeb Human Resources to:

  • maintain staff contact details
  • view staff schedules and create appointments with students
  • view, submit and maintain staff applications for professional development courses
  • submit timesheets for approval
  • approve staff timesheets for importing into the Synergetic payroll
  • view staff information. This includes:
  • the classes they take or assist, if applicable
  • the students they teach, if applicable
  • their timetable, for a given file type and date, if applicable
  • their leave entitlements
  • their payslips
  • their bank details.

See Maintaining staff.

You cannot update all of the staff member's details in SynWeb. If you need to make changes that can't be made in SynWeb, use Community Maintenance. See Maintaining community members in the Synergetic Community manual.

You can also define a substitute teacher or room for a class. This function is only available in SynWeb.
See Substituting staff.

Synergetic HR module functions

Alternatively you can use the Synergetic Human resources (HR) module to maintain:

  • Staff medical records, including:
  • consents
  • immunisation status
  • allergies
  • asthma details
  • injuries
  • medical incidents.
  • Emergency contact details.
  • Next of kin details, either as emergency contacts or as relationships.
  • Doctor's contact details.
  • Staff vehicle and parking space details.
  • Results of reference checks and police record checks, and probation date details.
  • Confidential comments.
  • Job history. You can copy information from Word and paste it into the record.
  • Staff appraisal record, including dates, interviewer details and targets set.
  • Professional development history, including:
  • courses attended
  • course dates
  • course venue
  • course details
  • course costs
  • course outcomes
  • qualifications obtained.

The professional development history can be linked to the staff member's appraisal record.

  • Qualification details, including the organisation they graduated from, their major and minor areas of study and their attainments.
  • Skills and learning areas. For example, a staff member might have basic first aid skills or skills in a particular learning area.

The staff learning area information is used to aid the daily organiser for staff substitutions in Synergetic.
See the Synergetic Human resources manual.

Basic Synergetic HR functions

You can use standard Synergetic, without the HR module, to maintain:

  • staff name, address and contact details
  • staff category
  • staff registration, type and expiry
  • timetables
  • photos
  • relationships between staff and other community members.