Managing tasks

You can manage a list of tasks for yourself or for other people from within Synergetic. Tasks can be created and allocated to you or another community member to complete. This is a very useful tool for managing your day-to-day work, and for allocating work to another person.

Tasks can have sub-tasks. You can create task templates including sub-tasks for common duties, such as setting up a new staff member. See Using task templates.

The Task List window is used to view:

  • your tasks
  • tasks originated by you, especially those that you have allocated to others
  • all tasks, including sub-tasks of other tasks
  • completed tasks.

You can display and manage tasks as another user. For example, a personal assistant can manage tasks on behalf of other staff members.

You can link maintenance windows to tasks. For example, a task has been created to notify someone that an address needs to be changed. While you could do this via an email, a task can be used to link to the community member that needs their address changing and track the progress of the request. See Creating a linked task.

The task list may be displayed when logging in, even though there are no tasks to display. See BlankTasksList configuration setting in the System maintenance manual.

 Opening the Task List window

To open the Task List window:

  1. Select Window > Show Task List from the main menu.

    The Task List window is displayed.

    Note: Tasks that have not been completed and are past their due date are displayed in red.

Task List window key fields and buttons



My Allocations

Select this field to display open tasks that have been allocated to you.

These may have been originated by you, or by someone else.

Originated By Me

Select this field to display all tasks that have been originated by you.

This includes all tasks that you have allocated to yourself and tasks that you have allocated to other people.


Select this field to display tasks that have been completed.

Use this field in conjunction with the My Allocations or Originated by Me fields to display completed tasks for the selected category.


Select this field to display sub-tasks of other tasks.

Set Current User to

Change to another Synergetic user and view the tasks as they would see them if they were logged in.

For example, this allows a personal assistant to manage the tasks for others.

Grid area fields



Due Date

Date that the task is requested to be completed by.


If selected, this task is a sub-task of another task.


Brief task description.

Start Date

Date that the task is scheduled to be started.


Person who entered and allocated the task.

Closed Date

Date that the task was completed.

Allocated To

Community member allocated to complete the task.


Type of maintenance record linked to the task. See Using the User/Workflow Task window.


Unique identifier for the task.




Create a new task and any associated sub-tasks. See Using the User/Workflow Task window.

Create a new task based on a task template. See Creating a task from a template.

Manage an existing task template. See Managing a task template.

Become the originator of a single task or multiple tasks. See Setting yourself as the originator of a task.

Close the Task List window.

Launch into the selected task or sub-task and maintain it. See Using the Task window.