Running a standalone program

At times you may be supplied with standalone versions of Synergetic programs that have been updated to provide a new feature or address an issue before the next version release of Synergetic. For example, Student Data Import/Export regularly receives updates to conform to government requirements.

Synergetic uses the date stamp on the program files to detect if newer version of the program has been installed. If a newer version is available, Synergetic presents you with the option to:

  • Run the existing version within Synergetic.
  • Run the newer version as a standalone program. The new program:
  • launches as a separate application
  • automatically authenticates into the application with your credentials
  • returns you to Synergetic once you have finished.

Note: It is recommended that you always run the newest version of a program where possible.
When Synergetic is upgraded to the next version, the updated programs are included within Synergetic. Synergetic then ignores any standalone program with a date stamp less recent than that of the Synergetic application.