Overview of major functions

Synergetic currently supports the following functions:

  • Student records.
  • Human resources (integrating payroll and staff records).
  • Assessments and reports.
  • Full community database.
  • Future students and enquiry students.
  • Attendances.
  • Medical details.
  • Development office management, including appeal management, prospect tracking, event management and communications management.
  • Past students.
  • Staff details, schedules, jobs and awards.
  • Timetable import, and display and print.
  • Photographs.
  • Debtors, fees charges, enrolment deposits, receipts.
  • Creditors, purchase orders, cheques and EFT.
  • Payroll.
  • Sales and stocktakes.
  • General ledger.
  • Web / Intranet access.
  • Assets, objects, object bookings, tasks, materials and insurance.
  • Learning areas, subjects, classes and courses.
  • Parent/teacher interviews.

The following diagrams show a brief overview of the functions and areas within Synergetic, and how they relate to other areas.

Overview of future students

Overview of current students

Overview of donors and prospects

Overview of finance