Reversing a repayment

If you have drawn a cheque and later find that you shouldn't have, you can reverse the repayment as follows:

  1. Create a creditor invoice posting and enter in a negative cheque with Invoice Mode of Already Written. Enter the cheque number of the cheque that was drawn.
    Note: This is the same process as putting in a cancelled cheque and effectively puts money back into the bank.
  2. Load the original deposit and go to the Repayments tab. See Enrolment Deposits Maintenance - Repayments tab.
  3. Click .
    The Create New Enrolment Deposit Repayment window is displayed.
  4. Enter in the negative amount.
  5. Use CRDINV as the posting source.
    Note: The posting number and date need to be the same as the reversal invoice posting.
  6. Click .