2024-05 - Application Portal Payment Issue

The issue only affects online forms that require payment and DO NOT require user login. The least affected version is 71.15



When a user submits an online application form that requires payment when it goes to the payment options page the browser generates errors and the user is not able to select a payment option and proceed to the payment page



The fix consists a couple of js files need to be added to the respective locations on online application portal

To apply the fix

  • first back up the application portal folder under the school’s webserver IIS and

  • extract the above zip file into a desired location on the school’s webserver

  • In the extracted folder find application portal folder and copy it over to where application portal folder exists. This will then only overwrite the two js files in there

  • To confirm you can also check if the js files content in the destination match those ones in the source extracted zip file

  • You can also open up the application portal url on the machine browser to check if the login page comes up

To get the fix working on a machine, they might need to clear their browser cache in case it used a recent version of application portal