2023-07 - NAB Transact Hotfix


When attempting to make a payment in the Community Portal, the following error is encountered: Invalid parameter EPS_REFERENCEID


A critical hotfix has been created through an update to a script file in the Community Portal.

The hotfix can be applied as follows:

  1. Determine the version of Synergetic that you are running. To do this, go to SynWeb > Help > About and take note of the SynWeb Version. Note that a final fix has been included in the release of version 71.4. 
  2. If your version is before 70.20 (including 69.xx) then download this file UCtrlAdhocPaymentDetail-pre70.20.zip
  3. If your version is 70.20 or greater then download this file UCtrlAdhocPaymentDetail-v70.20+.zip
  4. Copy the .zip file to your web server and extract the contents of the file to the 'UserControlsPayment' folder of your CommunityPortal location (for example D:\inetpub\wwwroot\SynCommPortal\UserControlsPayment), replacing the existing file with this newly extracted file.

This patch does not require any downtime.


Successful application of the hotfix can be verified by checking that the file 'UCtrlAdhocPaymentDetail.ascx' located in the 'UserControlsPayment' folder for your CommunityPortal location has a modified date of 3/07/2023.


Versions including and later than 70.20

Versions earlier than 70.20