Third Party Integration


External vendors request integration with Synergetic on almost a daily basis.

If these requests were all to be met we would be developing integrations rather than developing software.

As a result there are several options for external systems that wish to integrate with Synergetic.

Synergetic Web Services

Synergetic have a limited set of static SOAP APIs referred to as Synergetic Web Services and a secondary ability for clients to create bespoke SOAP web services based on stored procedures using the Synergetic SynAPI tool.

These are subscription based add-ons available to all Synergetic users.

Synergetic (RESTful) API

Introduced in 2022, Synergetic's APIs make it easy for schools to manage and integrate data. Schools can create and share API keys as needed.

Third-party developers can extend and enhance Synergetic's capabilities giving schools the tools they need to succeed.

More detail on how to access these is available online at

Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF)

In addition, Synergetic will be supporting a data sharing standard called Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF).

SIF is an international standard used to link together education data systems.

It provides interoperability rules and a data standard that enables diverse applications within the education sector to interact and share data efficiently, securely and cost effectively, regardless of the application and technology platform.

Statement of Support for SIF In Australia

SynAPI (Custom API requirements)

SynAPI works with SQL Server Stored Procedures- users can create custom stored procedures or utilise existing Synergetic database stored procedures. 

For complex requirements SynAPI can also be used in the absence of any immediate access to SIF.

However please note that given SynAPI relies on leveraging stored procedures within the Synergetic database, a more intimate understanding of the Synergetic database may be required to create the required database objects if they do not already exist.

For further information please contact James Overell