2023-12 - Community Portal Payment Plan Selection Hotfix

Issue (applicable for Synergetic versions 71.07 – 71.09)

** The issue only occurs if your school is configured to use the new functionality where payment plans do not require the use of Debtor Instalments.  **

The issue occurs when a debtor is logged into the Community Portal and is setting up their payment plan.  They are able to select their preferred plan, and then activate the payment.  However, when they press ‘Finish’ to finalise their plan, they receive the following error: “Error, no debtor instalments for debtor ????”.  This prevents the plan from being saved.

This only impacts debtors that have never had a fee instalment created on their account.  Therefore this will only impact schools using Payment Plans without instalments. However, we recommend applying all hotfixes that impact your current version.


  1. Download the fix from the link below

  2. Save to a location of your choosing, that you can access from your SQL Server

  3. Open and run the patcher

    • Open the zip file and extract the included exe file to your SQL server (or to a location that can communicate with the SQL Server)

    • Run the exe - this will run a database patcher wizard which will take you through the steps to apply the fix to the database

    • The patcher can be applied with users remaining logged in to the system, and will only take seconds to run