2023-11 - FormBuilder and Application Portal - Encoded HTML Hotfix


In Synergetic Version 71.7, there is a defect in the CoreAPI component (version which can lead to HTML Content getting displayed as encoded text at various places in FormBuilder. In some cases, submitted data which gets accessed via the Online Application Portal can get corrupted and applicants that have saved their application forms for later completion, will not be able to open their partially saved forms.

As at the time of writing, this has only been observed at a small number of sites, but there is a risk that this can occur at any site running 71.7.


A critical hotfix has been created to patch the defect in CoreAPI. There is no downtime needed to apply this fix. This fix will also be included in version 71.8 which was recently released and 71.9 which will be released imminently.

The hotfix can be applied as follows:

  1. Copy the patch file from to your web server, unzip the file and execute the extracted file. This will install the updated CoreAPI package to fix the issue.

  2. At the end of the update process, it will show the Update Config File window. Click the Close button to complete the update process. Please DO NOT click Create File or Update File.

If you require any assistance, or have any further questions regarding this issue, please contact Support and reference PRB-00002693.


Successful application of the hotfix can be verified by checking the file details of Synergetic.API.WebAPI.dll in your CoreAPI’s bin folder. The details should be as follows:


During the update, if you encounter an error about a log file being used by another process, you can simply click on Ignore.