2023-10 - New Victoria Curriculum Maths 2.0

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Install Database Patcher for Hotfix

Victorian Curriculum Maths 2.0 Available

Victorian Curriculum Maths 2.0 will be available in Synergetic from Version 71.08 or by downloading and applying the hotfix.

Overview of changes included in this hotfix package

From the Victorian Government / VCAA.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) published the revised Victorian Curriculum F–10 Mathematics Version 2.0 on Friday 28 July 2023.

Schools can start implementing the revised Mathematics curriculum from 2024 and must fully implement it from the start of 2025.

For each reporting period in 2024 schools cannot use both approaches to report.

Synergetic has added the Victorian Curriculum Maths 2.0 to the reference table that underpins the Victorian Curriculum setup and from which curriculum are loaded.

  • Assess > Subject Assessment Other Definition Maintenance

The coding for Maths 2.0 in Synergetic is:

Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Code



Victorian Curriculum

Curriculum Area Group

Strand Code




Curriculum Area

Domain Code




Strand / Mode

Dimension Code














What running the hotfix does

When you download and run the hotfix against your database you will populate the relevant curriculum reference tables with the rows above.

Once this is done you will be able to load Maths 2.0 into:

  • Assess > Subject Assessment Other Definition Maintenance

via the Add/Load button:

Once loaded Victorian Curriculum with Maths 2.0 will look like this:

Note that the current Victorian Curriculum Groups will still be present, as shown here in Curriculum Area Group:

The Mathematics 2.0 only needs to be loaded if you intend to use it in 2024.  If you do not intend to use Mathematics 2.0 in 2024, you do not need to load it now.

EH (Synergetic) understands that during 2024 all of Victorian Curriculum will be updated to 2.0 so that a complete update of Victorian Curriculum within Synergetic will need to occur during 2024 for 2025.

Obtaining and applying the hotfix

We have created an SQL fix that loads Maths 2.0 into the required reference tables. To apply these to your database

1) Download the fix from the link below :

2) Save to a location of your choosing, that you can access from your SQL Server

3) Open and run the patcher

  • Open the zip file and extract the included exe file to your SQL server (or to a location that is able to communicate with the SQL Server)
  • Run the exe - this will run a database patcher wizard which will take you through the steps to update the required reference data table.
  • The patcher can be applied with Users remaining logged in and will only take seconds to run

4) Once the patcher has completed successfully, your system will have reference tables that contain Maths 2.0.  To utillise these (if required) load them via the tab:

  • Assess > Subject Assessment Other Definition Maintenance.

Requesting Assistance

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, our Support team is available to assist:

Please make sure to mention that your query is in relation to the ‘Victorian Curriculum Maths 2.0' fix as appropriate, to help our support team action your request as efficiently as possible.