2024-05 - VISA Code List Update

This is a re-published Visa Code list as the previous version in 71.15 had an issue.

Education Horizons Group has recently completed updates to the visa codes available to be loaded into Visa and Visa Sub-Class Lookup tables.  These visa updates will be released in Synergetic Suite v71.21 and are being made available here via hotfix.

When run against the Synergetic Database, this hotfix will:

  • update the reference tables for Visa and Visa Subclass after which users (with access) will be able to load new visa information into these tables.
  • update any changed descriptions for Visa and Visa Subclass in the Lookup tables.

Please Note:

  • This solution is a data change only and does not include any front end changes within the Synergetic Application User Interface.
  • Read this page carefully as there are instructions which must be followed.

Applying the SQL

1) Download the zip file to your system from the link below:

2) Open the zip file and extract the included exe file to your SQL server (or to a location that is able to communicate with the SQL Server)

3) Run the hotfix exe program - this will run a database patcher wizard which will take you through the steps to apply the database changes.

4) Once the patcher has completed successfully, the reference data in your system will be updated and new rows able to be loaded into your lookup tables.

5) For each of the visa Lookup tables you wish to update hit the LOAD button in lookup table maintenance and select the AUSGOV code.

Requesting Assistance

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, our Support team is available to assist:

Please reference problem number PRB-00003902, so the support team can action your request as efficiently as possible.