2021-03 - AEDC AUS

This page is directed to Australian schools who are intending to participate in the 2021 Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).  If your site is not taking part in this Census, you can safely disregard it.

Education Horizons Group has recently completed a SQL query to enable the extraction of student and parent/guardian data used in the Pre-population step of the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) - 2021 as per their data template, which Principals should have received from the AEDC (AEDC Principals Page).

When run against the Synergetic Database, this SQL query will return the data as specified by the AEDC.

Please Note:

  • This solution is a SQL query only and does not include any front end changes within the Synergetic Application User Interface.
  • Please read this page carefully as there are instructions which must be followed.

Obtaining the SQL

The AEDC - 2021 SQL statement is available from this page for both v.69 and v.70.

1) Download the appropriate SQL file from one of the links below:

Extracting AEDC 2021 data

Instructions for gaining the AEDC 2021 data.

  • From the Section above, download the v70 or v69 SQL for your Synergetic Version.
  • Save locally and Open the .sql file, Synergetic highly recommends using SQL Server (or equivalent SQL tool).
    • Due to the complexity of the SQL, the use of MS Excel to extract the data is strongly advised against.
  • Edit these fields as appropriate:
    • RunDate
      • Maintain the Date Format as 'd mmm yyyy'
    • YearLevel

Change in the Query here:

Extract from SQL:

--NOTE: Change the values below to the appropriate run date and Year Level code for extracting students


@RunDate = '1 Apr 2021',

@YearLevel = 1

  • Run the SQL and save the results and column headers

Submitting the AEDC 2021 data

Submit the data to AEDC as per their instructions.

Requesting Assistance

As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, our Support team is available to assist:

Please make sure to mention that your query is in relation to ‘AEDC 2021 Data Extract SQL’ to help our support team action your request as efficiently as possible.